Big Game 2020


     The Big Game is an annual championship game of the National Football League also known to be one of the highest levels of professional American football in the world.  This event has millions of viewers each year. Most people go to casinos and put money down on their teams to see if they get double the money back. It’s also one of the times families choose to make it a get together with family to hang out and eat as they watch the game go on every year, with friends and families. One of the best parts of the event is the performances which are the reason why people tend to watch it and everyone tends to know about it because of the talented artists that put on a whole performance that doesn’t get done on a regular. This is one of the things people watch the whole show on T.V and a time people actually look forward to sticking around and watch throughout because it’s usually no dull moment people even lookout for the ads and promotions that come on during the game because they tend to be funny and sometimes even controversial to the audiences, giving people something to talk about the next day. Before the event starts people look forward to seeing who will be performing because the performers are usually well-known stars that stand out. This year we have the pleasure to see two of the most heard of women singers. Which will be J.LO and Shakira. People are so excited to see what these two ladies will bring to the table. They are all-time two big well-known artists from the past with big songs that everyone at least knows one of them. Many T.V shows are getting into performance with them and seeing what they have planned. Although they haven’t quite revealed what their performance is going to be they have said a few things regarding the event and performance. They have mentioned that Shakira’s birthday will be on the day of the event. She is excited to be celebrating her big day with millions of people. They have also said that they have created the setlist for this event because they want to make it amazing. They both mentioned that they also want their performance to represent the Latin culture. So overall in better words, this upcoming Big Game will bring us two talented women and we are in waits to see the unexpected and a great performance to occur.