All About Black Friday Shopping

Makaila Perkins

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    If you’re someone who loves to shop but also loves saving money then Black Friday is for you! From kitchen appliances to Amazon products and all sorts of technology, different sales are everywhere and waiting for you. There’s twenty-six days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, this gives retailers a chance to convince you to buy their products if you’re the type to procrastinate when it comes to buying Christmas gifts. Retailers market Black Friday months in advance for both people who shop online and in-store. There are three days to get major deals including Black Friday which are Cyber Monday and Free Shipping Day. The cold weather can sometimes make people want to shop online more, but companies still make a ton of profit. In-store shopping can also be a bit chaotic with people pushing others to get products with great deals, arguments between each other, violence, or even just the large crowds. According to the Black Friday Death Count, there have been twelve deaths and one hundred-seventeen injuries that have taken place on this holiday between the years 2010 and 2018. But either way, this hasn’t stopped people from celebrating the holiday.