The Most Adorable Baby In A Galaxy Far. Far Away…

Gonzales, Allen, Designer

The newest pop culture craze is trending on social media and selling out merchandise in the forms of stickers and T-shirts. This new obsession of a Star Wars character is adoring both adults and children.


The series premiere of The Mandalorian brought a new character to the Star Wars universe. The Stars Community has dubbed the newest character Baby Yoda to be the cutest baby both in a galaxy far away, and on Earth. 

Baby Yoda has reached all platforms on television from being in The Mandalorian on Disney Plus to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Star Wars fans have lifted the popularity of Baby Yoda even more by posting the character in meme form. Other fan bases like the Marvel fan base have joined the meme trend by posting Baby Groot memes after the popularity of Baby Yoda. 


The Mandalorian series chronologically occurs between Return of The Jedi and The Force Awakens movies. Baby Yoda is a character based on the original Yoda who was tiny, spoke wise words, and had a green lightsaber.  

The introduction of Baby Yoda has left fans in love with this character despite the many new questions fans have about Baby Yoda from the story of Star Wars itself. The previous Star Wars installments have divided fans, but Baby Yoda surely has united the fan base and hooked newer fans to Star Wars.