What is TikTok?

TikTok is one of the most downloaded video apps. There have been many good and bad things from this app. Many teens are enjoying making videos while playing one of their favorite songs in the background. Many teens post these videos just to entertain their friends and also they entertain themselves by taking up some extra time to do these videos. The app has more than 500 Million downloads, the app has more than just one genre, the app has brought many trends to social medias making them go viral for how funny they may be as well the app has given many people/students a bigger platform because of the videos going viral which at the end of the day is helping people who post by providing them with a big audience following them and now they have a whole platform they can grow on social media and a form in benefiting people with money through using just their social media. Although the app is bringing a lot of  entertainment it also influences bad choices and in some cases getting people in big trouble. One bad thing that recently occurred was that a girl posted a video of her making a dish at work. This video went viral and even made it onto the news. It was not a good reason why it was on the news though. The company was mad that she had posted this. She was then later fired. They did not like the fact that the girl “exposed” them. This app has caused kids to do many bad things that they shouldn’t be doing, for example, they are doing violent videos and some kids even post inappropriate videos of themselves. After posting these videos kids go and post them on Snapchat and Facebook which makes them go viral. These videos are then seen by thousands of people sometimes, even a million. People all over the world see these videos. When a video goes viral people tend to go and look the person up on the app. These people then never get any privacy and may affect these people’s lives in the future due to their actions in trying to be funny but actually, it is backfiring them in their lives.