2017 Fashion Show

Danny Zacarias

 Mrs. Vlaming and her Fashion Modeling students hosted their yearly fashion show this past Thursday, May 11th and Friday, May 12th at East Tech.  The show was held in the Quad.

 It was a two hour show with approximately 40 acts that featured over 100 models and performers.  

The fashion show is something that the school looks forward to every year.  What makes the show so unique is that it is almost entirely student run.  Mrs. Vlaming trusts that her students will develop concepts, designs, and dances that are sure to please all who attend. Her students are responsible for choreography, creating routines, designing outfits, and much more.

The students in the show were ECTA’ S Top Models, Fashion Modeling Period 5, and Fashion Models Period 7. There were also several students who auditioned to be a part of the talent in the show.  The crowd also got to see a surprise performance,  choreographed and performed by The Star Catchers of Las Vegas, a local dance studio in town.

Las Vegas Star Catcher’s surprise performance at ECTA’s Fashion Show

From good looking dresses to street wear, to people singing and dancing, this show was truly memorable.  East Tech’s Dance Team, Technique,  performed at the annual fashion show. The 5 song routine included songs such as “Passionfruit” by Drake and “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar.  All of their hard work and weeks of practicing paid off when they heard the cheers of the crowd.

“We worked after school, more frequently as the fashion show dates approached. We were all determined to be the best we could. I will surely return next year as well, ready to give Technique a good name!” – Amari Walker 

The show was a collaborative effort, as students in the Construction program helped put the show together by building the stage, the backdrop and several props.  All this hard-work paid off for them, as they were able to score a VIP ticket for $6 instead of $12, which gave them prime, front-row seating.  According to Mrs. Vlaming, with a VIP ticket, ” You will be treated like royalty.”

Ms. Vlaming and her incredible students put in a lot of time and hard work to make this show incredible.