Level Up with LVL UP EXPO Discounts!


Dabu, Katelyn, Writer

LVL UP Expo is an annual video game convention in Las Vegas that can gather people of all interests into the world of technology. The convention covers different platforms of the video game industry like design, animation, comics, and technology. For the 2020 convention, it is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from February 21-23, 2020.

CCSD staff, students, and families can purchase additional badges for $10 off each full weekend badge! LVL UP Expo donates $10 to CCSD for STEM for each badge purchased with the promo code. In order to redeem the discount, you must go to the convention’s website, www.lvlupexpo.com. After entering the website, click Register Now and enter the promotional code: CCSD20. Have fun, gamers!

Photo courtesy to LVL UP EXPO’s Twitter @LVLUPEXPO