Playstation 5

Rangel, Lionel, Reporter

Recently there have been some leaks on the PlayStation 5´s console and even the specs and the release date of the console. The PS5 will blow us away with its mind-blowing specs. The PS5 will play your games up to a new higher resolution making your games feel and look a lot better compared to the PS4. The PS5 will be competing against the Xbox Scarlett, which will be Microsoft’s new console next generation, so it’s important to get a heads up with the PS5’s features.

The speculated release date of the PS5 is near the end of 2020. “The PS5 is going to once again have to go up against an old foe when it arrives in the holiday 2020 season: Microsoft’s next Xbox codenamed Scarlett.” Recently the dev kit of the PS5 was leaked and its design is quite questionable but it’s expected to change. On it states, “ Cerny confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will support 8K graphics, although in what capacity and if that will be native 8K remains to be seen.” This means the PS5 will be a powerful system being able to have a stable resolution at 8k! “No surprises here: the PS5 is going to be fast. Very fast. It’s going to offer dramatically increased graphics rendering speeds”.

The cost is important when it comes to the launch day of the PS5. The console will probably be overpriced with a price range of about 499-600 USD. This is just an estimate by the media and people around the world. The launch titles set along the PS5 is vital to PS5 success. The PS5 needs to have a debut where everyone has their eye on because it’s impressive.

This console will be exciting, yet an expensive experience based on the leaks and speculations. The PS4 was a massive success with selling over 100 million units, setting high expectations for the PS5. A lot of people are looking forward to the PS5 more than the Xbox Scarlett mainly, because of the exclusives the PS5 will have to offer and the massive success the PS4 received.

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