Sunrise Coffee Review

Hernandez, Leslie, Reporter

               As a high school student life can be stressful sometimes. Actually all the time, maybe because you have a lot of work due or you need to study for an exam. For that to happen we all need to be in “work” mode, and it can be hard due to a lot of distractions or maybe you need a quiet place to study in. Well, I have the right place for you! Sunrise Coffee is a coffee shop and not only do they sell drinks, but they also sell snacks and meals. If you’re vegan, don’t worry because they also have vegan plates for all you kind vegans, and if you don’t like coffee they have non coffee drinks so nobody’s left out when it comes to this coffee shop. Their coffee comes from farms that cultivate the finest organic trade beans, and their coffee ranges from traditional drip coffee and handmade lattes. As I mentioned, Sunrise Coffee also has snacks and meals which are vegan and gluten free, made fresh daily and their fruits come fresh from a farm. The Sunrise Coffee shop is all about keeping their food “healthy, delicious and homemade.” Their food prices range from $5 – $10 and their drinks range from $4 – $7. The owners of this coffee shop are Juanny and Josh, who opened this coffee shop in 2008 to bring the neighborhood coffee shop to Vegas. The Sunrise Coffee shop has both an indoor and outdoor space depending on where you want to sit. The outdoor space has brown wooden walls with bright green leaves which can give the feeling of peace with yourself and nature. This coffee shop has a hipster, chill theme. They have black chalkboard menus and black cups for their drinks, keeping it cute and simple. Don’t be scared to go there and try new drinks and food, and maybe it can be a nice place for you to study and make new friends.

Location: 3130 E Sunset  Rd. Ste. A

Las Vegas,  NV, 89120

Phone number: 702-433-3304

Sunrise Coffee website: