Latest Fashion Trends

Ramirez, Ruby, Reporter

There are lots of things that we like to follow on when it has to do with social media. We follow what other classmates are wearing or what is “trending” on social media.


Here is an update on the latest trends:


The girls love to wear the latest things from their head to toe;Starting with their head. Girls love to wear scrunchies. In this so called “VSCO” trend it is popular to wear scrunchies in many different colors and fabrics not only, to tie up their hair but it is preferred to have them on the wrist: as a piece of jewelry. Another trend around the school is colorful and odd earrings.To go along with this trend, there is a trend consisting of bright old t-shirts of old bands or old companies. The most popular trend is to accompany these other trends with mom jeans or ripped skinny jeans and a colored belt to tightened up to the waist.Vans and Converse that are colorful and different are one of the many trends that have stuck with us.

One major trend among guys is shirts from Champion, Nike, Polo, Jordan, and Adidas with,  a logo printed of that brand, of ranging colors. It is very likely to find guys wearing it these shirts. Another major trend among guys is to wear different shades of blue for their jeans including ripped jeans. They pair their shirts to trendy brands like, Nike or, Jordan. Some guys even like to add jewelry into their outfits with gold plain-chains and a nice watch. Combining and matching is trendy.

*It was hard to find some of these trendy ideas in dress code * but here are some ideas:

Mom jeans with low top all white converse and a favorite vintage TV show shirt


Belt Tightening and Ripped Jeans at the waist

Bright tassel earrings with different colors

Wearing a bright turquoise scrunchie to tie back all loose hair.

A white, red and black champion shirt

Simple golden chain

Light blue ripped jeans and red and black Jordans