Fall Events

Carrillo, Racquel , Reporter

It is the start of the holidays and the beginning of all the fall events to to Las Vegas. To start off Fall, you can go to the pumpkin patch. It is open for all ages. There are games, rides, food, and pumpkin pictures. Another festive event that is happening in Vegas is the all ages “Halloween Silent Disco Party” on October 31st. It will be held at Las Vegas’ Mini Grand Prix .This will let you race with your friends on the go karts, go on carnival rides, play arcade games and even offer food. For the silent part of this event, headphones will be offered with adjustable volume and guests will choose between the three DJ’s. The ticket prices will be $5 in advance for kids 12 and under, $10 in advance for teens and adults, and $15 at the door. Another event happening in Vegas is the haunted house “the Trilogy of Terror” , it is scary and even age restricted for certain haunted houses. The “Gates of Hell is one of the houses age restricted: you have to be 17 or older to enter. “Coven of 13”and “Castle Vampyre” are two other haunted houses where you have to be 12 years or older to enter. These haunted houses will be here starting October 29 until the 31st. One last thing you can do is go to the Two- Day Trunk or Treat. The first day will be on October 31st and the last day will be November 1st. The cost of the passes will depend on your age. For the 3-18 years old the first day pass will be $7 and for the second day they will be $10. Adults will have to pay $10 for the first day and $16 for the second day. These are just some interesting activities do this Fall in Vegas.