Minecraft Game Review (PS4 Edition)

Sandoval, Luis, Reporter

Minecraft is a game that needs little introduction. It is a voxel game where everything is made up of cubes. It has been out since May 17, 2009, and it still boasts an enormous user base of 112 million users as of September 2019. The game is a sandbox filled with blocks, monsters and your imagination. Every world is randomly generated, chunk by chunk, so no two worlds are alike. There are four game modes: survival, creative, adventure, and hardcore. This game has recently been popularized and became a trend amongst teens and young adults. Usually game trends, or trends in general, die down within a matter of months. This begs the question, what keeps people coming back to a game that is a decade old?

I loaded up a new Minecraft world on Normal Mode, and took notes as to what made this game special. I found many things that made this game fun, one being the building aspect. In Minecraft you are able to build virtually almost anything. It is pretty fun to start with nothing, then gather resources to build your base. It allows you to improve your builds and designs, or make contraptions to assist you in resource gathering. If you play Creative Mode (a mode where you are immortal and possess an unlimited supply of blocks) you are easily able to express new creative ideas. If you start to feel bored of playing by yourself, don’t worry.

Minecraft has a feature for every version to play online multiplayer with your friends. Whether it is Realms – subscription for an online world – or just having friends with the same console as you, you can play with them. For the world I started, my brother also joined me for the first few hours of ingame adventuring. We came across hostile monsters, villagers, and pillagers. Other than building and resource gathering there are other things you can do.

Adventuring in Minecraft can be pretty fun. My brother and I walked around hunting for food, fighting off pillagers, and went diving in the sea into shipwrecks. After all, if the point of the game was to just gather resources, it would soon be a bore. Other things to keep an eye out for are jungle temples, enormous ocean monuments underwater, mansions, abandoned mines, and strongholds.

While adventuring you may encounter a stronghold deep underground. It contains many rooms once pertaining to a lost civilization and a weird circle portal entrance. In Minecraft there are 3 dimensions to explore. Those three are the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. You start in the Overworld, which portrays Earth in some ways. You go to the Nether by making a rectangular portal of obsidian and lighting it on fire. You enter a hellish landscape filled with magma, red, and different monsters. There, you get a material called blazed powder which is mandatory to get to the End. After creating eyes of ender, made from blaze powder and ender pearls dropped from a humanoid monster, you are able to get to the End. There you fight an end game boss, one of the main goals in Minecraft.

Minecraft is constantly getting improved on and updated. There are constant patches and new additions. An example would be the implementation of bees in the game. Microsoft are the current owners of the game, and are very receptive to their fans. They hold contests to see which biome should get new updates and go through with the plans.

However, there are many things that can improve Minecraft. In my opinion, more end game activities should be added other than arriving at the End. After you are done with defeating the major bosses, there is little to do than just keep building. One thing the community has been crying out for is a cave update. The caves in the game seem to be lacking, being very similar wherever you go. A way to change it up would be the addition of new ores or materials and more generated cave structures. Another thing that is lacking is proper lore. It is clear that the player characters and the villagers are very different, looking very different and having different capabilities. There are various long gone structures with little explanation to them. However this is a double edged sword. You have to be very careful on what to add to Minecraft. Too many drastic changes will make the game lose what is unique about it. Having little explanation is also a good thing, adding an air of mystery. A civilization crossing through different worlds somehow just disappears. Either way, I only hope for the game to continue to be fun.

Minecraft is a classic game that is definitely worth your money. There are various things to do and explore in the game. You can play with friends and create things that are only possible in game. It is constantly changing and improving as the years go by, refining itself. It truly is a cult classic. I give this game a 9 out of 10