Musical group Brockhampton came out with their new album, GINGER, the whole album containing twelve songs.


The album starts off with “NO HALO,” which can be interpreted as not knowing which path to take and if it will be the right one. The line, “I’m sure I’ll find it,” is repeated throughout the whole song.


The next song would be “SUGAR,” which is clearly about missing someone and waiting for them to call you back. The song’s chorus is, “Spending all my nights alone waiting for you to call me; You’re the only one I want by my side when I fall asleep.” Another message from the song revolves around just wanting one specific person and how no one is going to compare to them. This is probably one of my top favorites.


The next song is “BOY BYE.” If you listen to the lyrics carefully the members are mostly playing through their insecurities and their success, while making it sound fun. This is also one of my top favorites in the album. The following track is “HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU.” The song is an interlude talking about each of the members’ relationship with religion. It’s a short song but it’s still good.


The next song is “ST. PERCY,” which sounds great; it’s definitely one of my top favorites, as well. The song talks about the group’s work ethic and still being the same person you are now as to when you were younger. In other words, not losing in touch with yourself. The following song is “IF YOU PRAY RIGHT.” It’s also one of my top favorites. It transitions perfectly from “ST. PERCY,” sounding like the song didn’t end, but the difference is the group is instead talking about religion.


The next song is “DEARLY DEPARTED,” which also talks about religion. Religion is, in fact, one of the main themes in the album GINGER. The next track is “I BEEN BORN AGAIN,” which is also at the top of my favorites and is about the members’ childhood and the money the group has earned from their fame. The next song is “GINGER,” in which the members talk about having problems, but being able to help each other out.


The next song is “BIG BOY,” where the members talk about masculinity and how they are supposed to act for men. The next track is “LOVE ME FOR LIFE,” which is about feeling lonely and overcoming life’s fame and fortune.


The album’s final song would be “VICTOR ROBERTS.” It tells a story about a bad memory Victor Roberts himself has had with his family, and in the end being grateful for the people that were still with him. It is a sad song, but it has a great message.