Halloween Events in Las Vegas

Doddridge, Kalli, Reporter

October is here, which means there are lots of things to  do here in Vegas! October is full of many fun Halloween festivities for you, friends, and family to do.

A fun festivity for Halloween is at the Springs Preserve the Haunted Harvest is starting October 12th. It includes haunted mazes, and other fun activities.

October means Halloween and what is Halloween without a couple haunted houses? There are plenty of Haunted houses that are being set up this year. One of the haunted houses being at the meadows mall called the “Asylum and Hotel Fear”. More information on days and times are to be determined and will be released later this month.

Pumpkin Patches and carnivals are always such a fun thing to do in October. There are three locations around Las Vegas, they include some carnival rides, games, and food. Lastly, pumpkin carving is another fun thing to do, you can do it with your friends and or family too.

Have a safe and fun Halloween.