Things to Do in Las Vegas- What Kind Of Person Are You?



Las vegas is home to many casinos and activities. Its also home to many young adults who don’t really know what is offered to them in an adult city. But we got you covered. There are actually a lot activities in this city where  young adults can have just as much fun. 

Fun & Adventure: Las vegas offers many activities to teens that are wild and fun. If you’re looking to get your heart pumping, these activities will help you do just that. They maybe a little expensive but they are definitely worth the price.

  • Speedway- If you like traveling in fast cars and having wind blowing through your hair, the Las Vegas Speedway is the way to go. You must be 18 years or older to be in the vehicle, with a professional or just by yourself. If you do choose to be alone, a license to drive a vehicle is required. It will cost $100.00 to rent a safe car, but the experience will be worth it. However, if drifting or racing at high speeds is not your thing, but your friends want to try it out, no problem. They have benches for you to watch your friends having the time of their life.
  • Skydiving (indoor/outdoor)- Looking for a once in a lifetime thing to do, take a dive! Many people think of skydiving as leaping to their death, but no worries- Las Vegas skydiving will keep you safe.  They offer high level equipment to ensure your safety.  However, you must be 18 years or older to get this type of experience. It will cost a low price of $120 for the equipment and the plane ride up. 
  • Paintballing/ Laser Tag- Under 18? No worries, there are plenty of things you can do before being 18. At Combat Zone Paintball, you can have the paintballing experience, as long as you are 14+.  Admission is  $18  for those with their own equipment;  those who need equipment can expect to pay $30-$40, which includes everything you will need to be safe and have fun.
  • Scuba Diving- Getting tired of the Vegas heat? Scuba Diving is the answer to all your problems. Learn how to scuba dive at Sin-City Scuba. Not only do you get out of the heat, but you also get to swim with fish.  All this for the low price of $399!  Okay, so maybe it isn’t a low price, but it covers everything you need for a memorable, different experience.
  • Bungee Jumping- Are you more of a daredevil type, but too young to go skydiving? Then bungee jumping just might be for you. You must be 15 years old with  parental consent. You can get this wild and fun experience at the Stratosphere for $100. Not only do you get to see the amazing view of Las Vegas, but you will get an unbelievable story to tell your friends. 
  • Zip Lining- Maybe you are a timid daredevil that needs to come out of your shell-  ShotZilla at Fremont Experience might just be for you. You can go zip lining over a crowd of people for as low as $25. Not only will you have a blast being able to fly, but you will have an amazing Fremont Experience from such a unique view!


Keep it Calm and cheap: Living on the edge is fun an all, but sometimes you  just want to sit back and relax.  These next next few activities don’t require you to go to the bank and take out a huge loan; all these things are low-key and responsibility free. Age may matter in some Vegas attractions,  but in these activities it doesn’t even come up!

  • Thrift Shopping- This can include going to garage sales but you can also go to stores like Goodwill, Savers, Buffalo exchange, Plato’s closet, etc. All these stores have incredible old fashioned clothes; some even have new clothes that you can get a super cheap price. This activity is time consuming and fun for everyone who has a passion for fashion!
  • The View- The view isn’t as big of a hit as it use to be but it is a peaceful place to watch a sunset or sunrise on the bed of a truck filled with blankets and pillows while eating a home cooked meal. You can be accompanied with multiple friends or family members while just sitting back and relaxing to music.
  • Museum- Stepping back to the past could be fun. It’s a better way to visually see topics that aren’t that understandable online. Seeing and actually experiencing historical events or body information, can take up time you won’t regret. Las vegas offers a lot of museums to attend, such as the Mob Museum (the history of gangs, groups, drugs that grew to make las vegas today) the Titanic Museum (includes old artifacts from the ship) The Body Exhibit (real bodies donated) the Neon museum (collection of old signs in Vegas). Las Vegas does offer more but these are the ones that are a must!
  • The Outlet/Fashion Show Mall- If your style is more advanced or you prefer things more in season, the Outlet and the Fashion Show Mall are two good places to go. These places have more stores; they even have stores that you typically won’t find in regular malls.
  • Dinner Date- Dates aren’t just for couples, they can be used for other types of relationships as well. You can take almost anyone on a dinner date. It’s fun to dress nice and go somewhere fancy and just have a bomb meal that you never tried before. Las Vegas has many restaurants open with amazing food that need to be tried by locals. 
  • Photography ShootLas Vegas has beautiful scenery for tumblr images. If you’re looking for a good background or to add a little color to your Instagram feed, you should really hit up your friends, get a camera and meet anywhere on the strip for fun and cute memories. Las vegas strip is home to many artwork projects, graffiti, casinos, and celebrity look a-likes, that all make for great photo ops!