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LVL UP Expo 2020

LVL UP Expo 2020

February 28, 2020

Jessica Arroyo

Zepeda, Mia and Sailor-Cole, Samyra

February 22, 2020

East Tech has had the honor of gaining new teachers this school year. We had the pleasure to interview Ms. Arroyo, who has been teaching for four years. We asked Ms. Arroyo what made her come to East Tech and she told us, “I...

New Semester, New Goals

Garcia, Melanie, Reporter

February 21, 2020

New semester, new mindset, new focus, new goals, new results. The first semester of this school year has finally come to an end, which means it’s time to start a new one. Fresh starts normally mean new goals, especially when...

East Tech Education Internships

Weidner, Tracey

February 13, 2020

     On January 21, the seniors in the education program started their internships. These internships take place at a chosen elementary school to give the experience of being in a real classroom environment.       The e...

Is Homework Actually Important?

Vega, Rachel

January 7, 2020

     As a high school student you've probably had a lot of homework and said, "I'm tired of it." There are many arguments on why we should and shouldn't. Here's the question is homework actually important? Well homework teache...

How many times should students be tardy?

Vega, Rachel

January 7, 2020

There are so many kids who arrive late almost every day. Many people don't really seem to care but students think it's unfair. How many times should students be late for class? What are the consequences that you can face now or later?...

Math Teacher Sally Sing

Hall, Lauren

January 7, 2020

Ms. Sing is a math teacher new to ECTA. Her classroom can be found in the 500s hallway. This is her seventh year of teaching but was a substitute teacher for two years. Ms. Sing went to UC Irvine in California and studied Asian...

Should Teachers be Graded?

Hall, Lauren, Writer

January 7, 2020

Having a teacher that doesn’t teach or listen well is so frustrating. Having a system where a student could grade and give pointers to a teacher on what they could do differently to help out their students would help so much. So...

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