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Instagram Likes, Necessary or Not

Dabu, Katelyn

February 27, 2020

   Instagram has proposed that likes on posts will not be shown because many tend to pay attention to one’s likes rather than the actual post. This proposal took place in November of 2019 and there are many mixed feelings a...

How We Simulate Space

Perkins, Makaila

February 27, 2020

Tons of people would love to experience certain elements of space without having to become an astronaut. There are a few ways that will allow you to simulate space’s zero gravity effects, and someone you may know has tested...

How Technology and Social Media Affects Us In Our Daily Lives

Perkins, Makaila

February 13, 2020

      Technology has changed our lives in many ways. Although it’s made our lives easier, technology and social media have  had negative effects on people worldwide. Physically, the device’s screen can be harmful to the us...

iPhone 11 is Finally Available

January 7, 2020

Note: Article based on the iPhone 11, not Pro or Pro Max. iPhone 11 is the newest iPhone made by Apple and the most innovative phone in the whole world! But when I say iPhone 11 I am only talking about one single phone, but hear t...

What is TikTok?

Romero Villafana, Crystal and Amador, Gabriela

January 7, 2020

TikTok is one of the most downloaded video apps. There have been many good and bad things from this app. Many teens are enjoying making videos while playing one of their favorite songs in the background. Many teens post these videos ju...

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