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Birthday Wishlists

Vega, Rachel

March 2, 2020

    As people we all love presents we don't always get presents for people because we don't know what to get.  What type of presents would people like? Well let's see. Diana Coronado a sophomore student said " I would like mon...

Australian Wildfires

Reyes, Gerald, DelRosario, Justin, and Arellano Alonso, Danniel

March 2, 2020

    The Australian wildfires began in late december of 2019 and have spread 15 million acres across the country. The fires are along the eastern and southern coast in places like Sydney and Adelaide. Normally these fires are normal...

Golden Globes

February 27, 2020

Antibiotic-Resistance and Why it’s a Big Threat

Ayala, Jackeline

February 27, 2020

   Lately in the medical field there have been many problems and threats one of them being, Antibiotic-Resistance. Antibiotic-Resistance is when someone gets a bacterial infection and their body becomes resistant to antibiotic...

Instagram Likes, Necessary or Not

Dabu, Katelyn

February 27, 2020

   Instagram has proposed that likes on posts will not be shown because many tend to pay attention to one’s likes rather than the actual post. This proposal took place in November of 2019 and there are many mixed feelings a...

Possible World War 3? The Conflict Between Iran and The US.

Villeda Lira, Jose

February 27, 2020

    As the conflict silently continues in the countries of Iran and the United States, fears grow in people, fearing another world war. Concluding the most common question that bounces everywhere, “Will a new world war actuall...

How We Simulate Space

Perkins, Makaila

February 27, 2020

Tons of people would love to experience certain elements of space without having to become an astronaut. There are a few ways that will allow you to simulate space’s zero gravity effects, and someone you may know has tested...

Patriots Upset by Titans

Fajardo, Luis

February 27, 2020

While the New England Patriots tried to come to a record seventh “Big Game,” they fell short after the Tennessee Titans won with a score of 20-13. This upset many New England Patriots fans because they were the defending “Big ...

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